Beekeeper cover

‘A search for gold, a search for honey, a search for truth.

Leaving the lavender fields of Provence behind him, a young man sets off on a journey. A journey that will lead him all the way to Africa where deep in the interior, he discovers the mysterious ‘Land of the Bees’.

Among those he encounters on his way are a penniless painter who bears more than a striking resemblance to Van Gogh, a dishevelled wanderer who could only be Rimbaud, and finally a woman with skin the colour of honey.

‘the beekeeper’ completes Maxence Fermine’s trilogy of colours which began with the white of ‘snow’, and continued with the black of ‘the black violin’.

ISBN 0-9534205-9-0 SPEC. 128pp
pbk. Price: £6.99 - Pub date: May 2004