brown cover

brown recounts the story of two easy-going friends as the regime under which they are living gradually tightens its grip. On the surface everything seems to be fine. People go about their everyday business, they meet in cafes and chat, and sit in the sunshine.

But gradually new laws are introduced. According to the State Scientists, brown pets are healthier, stronger, and eat less than other animals. The others begin to ‘disappear’

First the cats.
Then the dogs.
Then the people.

The result is a world in which all is brown. The Military Police wear brown uniforms, the dogs and cats are brown, even the language begins to change as the word ‘brown’ is tagged on to everyday phrases.

First published in France, brown has already sold a staggering 600,000 copies.

ISBN 0-9544959-1-8 SPEC. 48pp
pbk. Price: £2.99