Harry Hop-Pole Cover

Harry Hop-Pole.

They came from every corner of the globe.
They came to compete.
To see who among them could jump the highest.
They were: The Pole Vaulters.

But only one will emerge victorious.

Will it be the reigning champion, the American Jake Cranebilt - the one with the beautiful teeth? Will it be the Great Russian – Jumping Jinkski - who grew up in the freezing wastes of Irkutsk and has very long legs? Or will it be our very own Harry Hop-Pole?

From the lower bar of the Dog and Bucket pub to a vast arena with thousands watching, this epic tale tells the story of one man’s heroic struggle against listlessness, boredom, and the help of friends.

‘Perhaps the finest novel about pole-vaulting ever written.’ - Sir Bernard Mikalis

‘A tale of vaulting ambition.’ - Magnus Mills


Pub date: 1.11.11