Mr Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran cover

‘‘When I was eleven years old I broke open my piggy-bank and went to see the whores…

Mr Ibrahim is the story of an old Arab shop-keeper and a young Jewish boy who goes to his shop to steal tins of food. The boy, Momo is soon disconcerted to find that Mr Ibrahim is not quite what he seems. In fact he appears to be able to know what Momo is thinking. Which almost certainly means that he knows that Momo has been stealing from him. Then Mr Ibrahim further confounds him by making him promise that he won’t steal from any other shop but his.

Soon the two of them develop unlikely an friendship, and together they embark on a series of adventures. One day they go to the rich part of town. It is a luxurious area full of designer shops. ‘But there’s nothing in them,’ exclaims Momo – it’s crazy – in the poor area the shops are tiny and they’re crammed with stuff!

‘That’s what luxury is Momo, nothing in the window, nothing in the shop, everything in the price.’
Just one of the many paradoxes of life to which we are introduced in this charming story by award-winning writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
Omar Sharif found the story so enchanting that he chose this film to make his return to the screen.

ISBN 0-9544959-2-6 SPEC. 80pp
pbk. Price: £6.99 - Pub date: March 2004