stadium image

the sign of things to come

Outside the Dog and Bucket was the splendid new sign recently repainted at Brewery expense. The painting depicted a powerful, fierce-looking dog, part-alsation, part-anybody’s guess, with its head in an orange polythene bucket. This was the new: Dog and Bucket.

Scabbit pushed open the door and they went inside. In an effort to attract new customers or prevent old ones from leaving, Mickey Jakes, the landlord, had decided that a refurbishment of the premises was in order. And so, by the addition of a few comfy sofas and old armchairs, and the installation of a huge, new TV screen that filled half of one wall, the money was spent.

Sitting back in an old sagging leather sofa, with their feet up on the conveniently positioned coffee table, Harry and Scabbit found themselves looking up at the big screen.

‘And as the contestants begin to arrive…’