Yan and the pike cover

A very strange tale about a cat
who goes to tea with a fish.

Yan is a cat.
A cat who does things carefully.
Things like making tea,
or mushroom soup,
or polishing the hinges of his door.

One day, while he is dozing peacefully, there is a knock at his door.
He opens it. And there before him, stands a solitary pike.
'Hello. My name is Pike.'
And so it was the two became friends.

Written and illustrated by Jun Machida,
Yan and the Pike is a children's fable for adults.
Charming and surreal by turns, this book has a profound philosophical depth.
First published in Japanese, Yan and the Pike is already a bestseller in China, Japan and Korea.

ISBN 0-9534205-4-X SPEC. 96pp
Fiction / Illustrated pbk. PRICE £7.99